Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I promise I'm still here. It's been a week since my last post...sorry about that. Anyway, I do have several projects in progress with a couple of family birthdays coming up and the secret sister project we have going on at church. I'll try to update soon on some of those projects.

On Monday I ordered this book...Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I can't wait for it to get here. It shipped yesterday, so hopefully sometime next week! I have read many reviews of the book on amazon and on other blogs and it sounds like a book to really be excited about. Over 40 patterns in the book. Right now I think the first one I'll try is this as seen on Film in the Fridge Blog. I'm nervous to be making clothes for myself, but I'm hoping it'll turn out great. Just from the pictures the shirt looks GREAT!

So I'll keep you updated on that front as well. Hope you're having a great Over the Hump Day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great find

On Sunday afternoon Joel and I headed to the local JCPenny. Now I have to be honest, most of the time it is hard to find anything good in there, but we were up for the hunt since they were having a 65% off sale!

Anyway, Joel was able to get some new khakis and a belt, and I found a cute shirt. It's like a rosey maroon color. It's different from the other shirts I have in my closet so I was excited about that too. But wait, the best part was that it was on sale for more than 65%! I got a shirt that usually sells for 36 or so dollars for $6! That's what I call a steal. I wore it yesterday, and I really like it.

So there is my exciting news. What's going on with you?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally finished!

I actually finished my quilt on Wednesday night, but I wasn't able to get it washed or take pictures until last night. But finally I am able to show you the completed quilt. I'm so excited with how it turned out, I really love it. It is super warm and snuggly, especially after washing (and it smells so good, I got the Gain Joyful Expressions detergent last time I bought detergent, and I am LOVING the new scent).

So here goes:

Front after washing

Back before washing (see some wrinkles)

Back after washing...look at all that wrinkly goodness!

Here is one of the front corner...I was pretty proud of the way my corners turned out since this is my first time to do binding like this. I like it!

And here is one corner from the back. Again, pretty pleased with how it turned out.

So there it is. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ragged Squares Quilt

I started working on this project last week and got sidetracked, so unfortunately it's still not complete. But I have been meaning to show these pictures for a while now. So here goes...

My version of the Ragged Squares Quilt as seen over at Crazy Mom Quilts:

All of the fabric is from Moda the Bistro line by Deb Strain. My sister-in-law Deborah started my stash of this fabric, and then I found the whole line at a little quilt shop that I happened to go into. I was very excited to get more pieces.

Layer 1

Layer 2

Top all put together.

I'm excited about this quilt. I think it'll be a good size for me to cuddle up under. I am also excited about the back (sorry no picture yet) because it is mostly a green color with a blue strip down the center.

It looks a little crazy with all of the patterns, but I really like how it all comes together and goes together.

Hope to finish the quilting this week and then I'll post those pictures.