Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad Blogger award goes to...

So obviously I've been a bad blogger lately! I looked at it this morning and realized it's been almost a month, to be exact just two days shy of it! How awful! To make matters worse lots of things have been going on. I have more birthday pictures to post, pictures of the pillows I helped make for my mom, and big news to share.

Unfortunately the pictures mentioned above will not be posted today because I don't have them with me! I promise to try to get those up soon...

So the big news. Most people already know, but Joel has officially decided to pursue his doctorate in mathematics at the University of Georgia in Athens. We are pretty excited about all of this, but we are also nervous. We found an apartment a couple of weekends ago and are just trying to get everything else in order to be ready for the move in July. Still don't know the exact date of the move yet, hopefully will know sometime soon. We've been furniture shopping and I've been hoarding any good packing boxes I see!

So I guess that's an update for now. Again I'll try to do better and post those pictures soon!

Hope all is well with you.

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Jenny said...

I've heard that Athens is a fabulous place to live... it even has a tree that owns itself! :-) I'll be praying that your transition goes smoothly.