Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Weekend

Joel and I traveled to MS this weekend to spend some time with family. My sister and her family moved into a new house about a month ago, and we had not gotten to see it yet.

Also, we needed to meet two new babies. My friend Brooke had her baby boy a month ago Saturday, and Aunt Abbi couldn't wait to meet little Brayden! And, of course, we needed to meet little Harris, our new nephew. Overall, it was a great weekend and nice to spend some time with the family.
New living room

Mom & Dad enjoying the day on the porch.

We played cards all morning while enjoying the porch and the nice weather.

JM, Maddi, and I played on the trampoline for a while too.

Precious Brayden

Brayden and his little protector, Belle!

Beautiful little Harris

Rebekah, the big sister

Sanders, the older brother

Wynn, the older brother

Uncle Joel and Harris

Rebekah got a big girl haircut. It looks very cute!

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Gayle Rhoades said...

What a great week-end!!! God is good and family is WONDERFUL!!!!!!