Saturday, June 12, 2010

Elder's Mill Covered Bridge

Joel and I are both enjoying this new season of summer.  I finished up my spring quarter class on Thursday.  So, I am officially off for one week, then I start a summer class for a month.  Joel started classes on the 5th, but his schedule is MUCH less hectic than during the semester.  Yesterday we took advantage of our new schedules and took some time to galavant around Oconee county - specifically Watkinsville.

The main thing we went to find was Elder's Mill Covered Bridge.  It is one of the few covered bridges still standing in Georgia.  It is also unique because it still carries traffic...yes I said people still drive over it!!  I must say that Joel and I were not comfortable with that we parked a little before we got to the bridge and walked down to see it!  We were much happier with that decision.  :)

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

 Proof that people still drive over it!  (Just not us :))

The view underneath the bridge.

Wooden pegs holding it together

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