Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Cards & Holiday Fun

So, it’s the Christmas season again!  Joel and I love Christmas, and we really get into decorating our house, sending Christmas cards, watching Christmas movies, and eating all the Christmas goodies!  I am usually the one that spends a lot of time picking out the different Christmas cards that I think are cute and would like to use.  At the end of that process, Joel always helps me pick – usually it is difficult to narrow them down!

This year I am planning to order my Christmas cards from Shutterfly.  I have not used Shutterfly in the past, but I know SO many people that have used them for all sorts of things including prints of their photos, photo calendars, invitations (the New Year’s are really cute!) and for sharing their photos with others.  The last one that I mentioned – Free Photo Sharing – is the one that I see most often used.  

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Shutterfly allows you to upload your new album of pictures, and send a link to that album to family and friends for viewing.  So imagine, your family just got home from picking out that perfect Christmas tree, and you captured it all.  All you have to do to share those photos is login to your free Shutterfly account, and upload them.  Once you’ve done that the link is automatically ready for sharing!  The best part is that grandparents can order prints of their favorite photos directly from the link you share with them.

Well, back to the task at hand, I have been trying to decide on a Christmas card for the season.  Here are the ones I like the best so far:  Yuletide Village, Paper Ornaments, Elegant Wishes, In His Name, and Christmas Plaid Cherry.  Hopefully I will be able (with help from Joel!) to narrow these down to the favorite one today.  It’s time to get to ordering them!

Samples of a few of the cards listed above: (In this order: Yuletide Village, Paper Ornaments, & Christmas Plaid Cherry). 

**All pictures from - See links above for more information on each card

So, why am I sharing all of this information about Shutterfly?  This amazing company is giving away 50 free holiday cards to those bloggers that choose to participate.  Go HERE to learn more about it!  I hope you have as much fun as I did while looking through all the fun choices!

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Kelli said...

Isn't it fun to get free cards?!! I love it.