Thursday, June 4, 2009

What we've been doing...

Well, we've been packing and enjoying the summer days (although I'm still and work and Joel just found out he's teaching a class for the June term). I've packed up what I can - the things that we can live without (other than some of our clothes and such that we're just going to put in the car as is) we're down to the things that really can't go into boxes- for example kitchen items - until I don't want to cook for us anymore!

Joel and I also had a conversation about how we shouldn't unpack boxes that have been packed! He's been warned! :)

On Sunday we headed to Athens for me to meet with a principal. We took the opportunity to look around and enjoy some time there. It was a quick trip...headed down Sunday afternoon and came back Monday afternoon. The meeting with the principal went well...they just don't know if they'll have any positions because of the budget and such. So if you get the notion to pray, please be praying for a job for me! Thanks!

Here are a couple of pictures of the famous Arch at UGA. I didn't take these pictures...but thought you might enjoy them.

The Arch is the official walking entrance to the campus. It is on the north side of campus and separates downtown from the start of campus grounds. This view of the arch is from a person standing on campus looking into downtown.

This picture came from here.

This view from the arch is standing in downtown looking onto campus. Same place...just a different view.

This picture came from here.

Hope things are going well for you. Are you enjoying the summer (before it gets blazing hot!)?

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Dwell in possibility said...

So excited for you both! Good luck in Augusta. Hope you have a seamless move!