Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Desk :)

A couple of months ago Joel and I went shopping for a desk that I could use to sew/use my laptop on. Right now my sewing machine and all my accessories sit on our dining room table, which is fine because we always eat supper at the bar in the kitchen. When we move we will no longer have a bar (sad)....meaning that we will need the table back!

We went shopping at a store about an hour away but were unsuccessful. When we got back to town we went into one of the local stores just on a whim. We found the PERFECT desk for me! It was actually in the children's section and called a child's writing desk. It has a pull out part for a keyboard - or in my case laptop storage! It also has a big open area on the right side that I can store my sewing machine in when I don't want it out on the top of the desk! I'm telling you it's the perfect size. I love it.

Anyway, we had them store it for us because we were getting ready to move and had NO where to put it. This weekend we moved a bed out of the guest room to make room for it (We wanted to go ahead and pick it up instead of having to do that later when we're trying to load the trailer). So I got to play with it some last night, and I am just super excited.

Ok, enough from me...here are the pictures:

See my sewing machine will fit in there perfectly (if I want it to!)

Perfect place to store the laptop :)

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