Sunday, March 21, 2010

South Carolina

Joel and got to enjoy a weekend in South Carolina. We went to visit Jeremy and Amber (who we knew at MSU) in Clemson, S.C., which happens to only be an hour and a half from us. It is hard for us to get used to being so close to things.

On Saturday we spent the day exploring some local landmarks and enjoying the beautiful weather. We could not have asked for better weather...mid to high 70's with a nice breeze. I pulled out the shorts for the first time this season.

The first stop on our galavant was Stumphouse Tunnel. Click on the link to learn more about was quite cold in the tunnel! There is a draft that flows through it year round...would definitely be a nice place in July!

Stumphouse Tunnel

Right in the same area as Stumphouse is a nice waterfall, Issaqueena Falls. We took some pictures from the top of the fall, and then we hiked down close to the falls to get some better pictures.
Abbi & Joel at Issaqueena Falls

Issaqueena Falls

Jeremy & Amber at Issaqueena Falls

After we spent some time at Issaqueena Falls, we headed to Caesar's Head. We drove all the way up the mountain to get a great view.

View from Bald Rock...on the way up to Caesar's Head

Lake view from Caesar's Head

And finally, to end the day we drove to Greenville to check out the downtown. It was one of the prettiest downtown I have seen.
River in Falls Park - downtown Greenville, S. C.

Falls Park

Waterfall at Falls Park

Suspension bridge at Falls Park

Pretty tree at Falls Park

I hope y'all were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. Looking forward to more nice weather!

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