Friday, April 29, 2011

Flashback Friday

Tonight as I was getting my camera out to delete some pictures I found an old jump drive.  I knew immediately what would be on it - beach pictures from almost 2 years ago.  Kelli, do you even remember that I still have your jump drive?  I knew I had it, but I had no clue where it was!  I found it tonight :)

So, in honor of finding the long time missing jump drive here are few pictures.

 Here is baby Avi standing on the fold out couch bed with me.  Notice her feet/legs are hidden by Uncle Joel's socks.  For some reason she was enthralled with them and wanted to put them on!

 Mine and Joel's feet along with our name at the beach.  This was a couple of month's after our 2 year anniversary.  In 13 days we will celebrate our 4th anniversary.  Time flies when you're having fun :)

 Another shot of Avi - look how tan she was!  Go here - The Anthony Girls - to see up to date pictures of Avi and her sister Sally Sharp.

 John Michael and Madison - they have gotten so big since then.  JM went to prom this year (all handsome in his tux).

Here is a flashback picture of Joel and me.  We have been working for the last year to lose some weight, and you can tell in this picture (versus those in the birthday post below) that we have made some progress.

I hope y'all are having a good weekend so far.  We are enjoying being home and relaxing!  Enjoy these flashback pictures.

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Kelli said...

Those are so funny of Avi, and NO, I had no clue you had one of my jump drives!! Don't even remember you ever taking it. Who knows what is on it!