Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New everything...

SO I have obviously been behind on blogging, but I think I have a good excuse (at least for the last week or so!). Joel and I are all moved into our new apartment and are slowly getting everything put in its place.

Here are a few pictures:

View of the living room...the door to the left is the front door. This is the first day we moved in...lots of chaos still.
View of half of the bathroom.

Here is a view of the windows in the living room before curtains were added.

Here are the curtains up...we decided to add a third panel, so it looks a little different now. Try to post up to date pictures sometime soon when everything is finished.

View of half the guest bedroom. This is our multipurpose room...extra bed, computer, and sewing room.

This is our pantry/laundry room. Our kitchen is tiny=not much storage, so Joel and I got one of these shelving units from Lowe's and it has been a lifesaver! This picture was taken not long after we put it up. More stuff is stored on the shelves now...still need to organize it! But seriously without these shelves I don't know where everything would go!

And finally...our much needed bookshelf. We got this bookshelf from Ikea. I will have to do a whole separate post on our trip to Ikea...let's just say we were novices and did not know what we had gotten ourselves into! Once we figured out how to maneuver the store we were good to go!

So far we are very pleased with the storage this bookshelf is providing. The cubbies are deep enough to hold books two deep, which means that we actually had room for all of our books. This is the first shelf we have used that held all of our books.

So that gives you a general idea of the apartment. I will try to post more once we get things more organized. Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!

Off to do some more organizing.

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Katherine Harney said...

Were you able to paint? I love the paint colors! Miss chatting with you on GroupWise, hope all is well in GA!