Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where we've been...

Over the last two weeks, Joel and I have been doing a LOT of traveling.  We have been talking about going out West for several years now, and we decided to go for it while we have a schedule that allows for a two week trip.

So, on May 11th, we boarded an airplane in Atlanta and flew to Denver.  From there, we rented a car and drove to all of our (many) destinations.  We made a big loop, landing back in Denver on the 24th of May to fly out on the 25th.

So here is the itinerary:

Day 1 – May 11th
·       Fly Atlanta to Denver
·       Travel Denver to Great Sand Dunes (CO)
·       Camp at Pinyon Flats Campground
Day 2 – May 12th
·       Great Sand Dunes
·       Travel to Mesa Verde (CO)
·       Mesa Verde
·       Camp in Morefield Campground
Day 3 – May 13th
·       Mesa Verde
·       Travel to Grand Canyon (AZ)
·       Camp at Mather Campground
Day 4 – May 14th
·       Grand Canyon
·       Camp at Mather Campground
Day 5 – May 15th
·       Travel to Hoover Dam
·       Hoover Dam
·       Travel to Las Vegas
·       Night in Las Vegas, NV (MGM Grand)
Day 6 – May 16th
·       Travel to Sequoia (6:20)
·       Camp at Lodgepole Campground - This didn't happen because it was around 20 degrees outside.  We stayed in a hotel instead!
Day 7 – May 17th
·       Sequoia (Also didn't happen because the state of California requires snow chains for tires after a snow)
·       Travel to Yosemite
·       Camp at North Pines Campground
Day 8 – May 18th
·       Yosemite
·        Camp at North Pines Campground
Day 9 – May 19th
·       Yosemite
·       Travel to Carson City, NV
·       Camp at Washoe Lake State Park
Day 10 – May 20th
·       Travel to Salt Lake City
·       Night in Salt Lake City, UT (Dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse)
Day 11 – May 21st
·       Travel to Yellowstone
·       Grand Teton National Park
·       Night in Jackson Hole, WY 
Day 12 – May 22nd
·       Yellowstone
·       Night in Jackson Hole, WY
Day 13 – May 23rd
·       Travel to Laramie, WY
·       Night in Laramie
Day 14 – May 24th
·       Travel to Denver
·       Night in Denver, CO
Day 15 – May 25th
·       Travel Denver to Atlanta

All in all, we drove (once we landed in Denver) 3,851 miles total.  We traveled into these states: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.  We saw all but one of the national parks we had planned to hit, and we had a great time.

I'll be posting pictures in the next few posts of each of the places we visited.

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Hey Abbi! Yes- pour on that last layer, then mix it in together before baking. Sorry I left that out but hope you enjoy!