Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park ended up being a favorite for both of us.  I loved the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, and Joel put Yosemite in first place definitely (this was his 3rd time to be at the Grand Canyon and my first).

Here is some more information about Yosemite.  We camped at Yosemite, and the first night we were there we woke up to snow on the ground and on the tent!  Joel and I decided that we have far exceeded our quota for snow this year!

Abbi in front of a giant sequoia tree

 Joel in front of the roots of a downed sequoia

Three sequoias next to each other

 This one is named the Grizzly Giant.  I put the picture with people in it so you'd be able to get a sense of how big it really is.

 Bridal Veil Falls 

 El Capitan - we didn't see anyone climbing, but it had snowed the day before, so we think everyone was letting all the ice/snow melt first.

 Half Dome covered in snow

 Half Dome after the snow melt

 The Royal Arches - if you look closely you can see the striations in the mountain that make an arch shape.

 View 1 of Yosemite Falls - notice the upper and lower falls

 Up close view of the lower falls

View 2 of Yosemite Falls - you can see the upper and lower falls more clearly here.

Here is a video Joel took of Vernal Falls - we took a hike (uphill) to get to see this view of the falls.

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