Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

Here is the site about Yellowstone.  Joel and I were both glad we decided to go to Yellowstone because it is so different and interesting, but much to our surprise it wasn't our favorite.  There are lots of crazy things to see - geysers, mud pots, fumaroles, hot springs, etc.

Driving into Yellowstone - crazy amounts of snow that had been plowed.

 Abyss Pool - a little bit of information about the hot springs: the brighter the colors the hotter the pool actually is.  So, this one is hot, but not as hot as some of the others you'll see.  When you see bright blues, orange, and yellow those are the hottest.

 Beehive Geyser (Video Here)

 Black Pool

 The edge of the Black Pool

A buffalo - we ended up seeing buffalo, moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, chickaree, and pronghorn.

 Firehole River

 Fishing Cone Geyser - this geyser got it's name because it is located near the edge of Yellowstone Lake.  People used to fish in Yellowstone Lake and then dunk it into the geyser to cook it in the steaming hot spring.  As you can imagine, this was not the safest practice, so now it is not allowed.

Fountain Paint Pots - mud pots that literally bubble and pop

A fumarole (definition from Wikipedia)- is an opening in a planet's crust, often in the neighborhood of volcanoes, which emits steam and gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric acid, and hydrogen sulfide. The steam is created when superheated water turns to steam as its pressure drops when it emerges from the ground.

 View of hot springs

 Lakeshore Geyser

Old Faithful Inn

 Upper stories looking up from lobbies

 Fireplace in the lobby

 Old Faithful (Video Here)

 Opal Pool

 Yellowstone Lake

One other video from Yellowstone:  Red Spouter

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