Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Update

The doctors have determined that he has an aneurism of the Great Vein of Galen. This vein in the brain has become so enlarged that is taking up far more space than it should. It is also causing his heart to work far harder than it should because of the pressure in the area. The doctors have talked about doing surgery to block off some of the flow of blood to that part of the brain. They also mentioned running a tube through a vein in his leg to be able to closely examine the area. Both procedures are dangerous and the prognosis is not good. If he makes it through all of this, there will more than likely be severe developmental problems. The doctors are going to run another echocardiograph today to find out if his heart is strong enough for the procedure. If he is strong enough the doctors want to do the surgery on Thursday so the children and I will be going to Jackson tomorrow.

Please continue to remember the Oakley family, especially this special little boy.

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