Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A few projects...

Well, I finally remembered to bring the pictures with me so that I could post about some of the projects I've worked on over the last year.

#1 Christmas Stockings - Last year Joel and I were looking for stockings and we couldn't find anything we liked. So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, that is what started my whole adventure in sewing.

#2 First Purse - For my nieces birthday, I made her a purse...it was my first attempt at a purse, and I think it turned out pretty well. Hope you like it Maddi!

#3 Baby Shoes - I found this project idea here on Stardust Shoes. It was a fun project, my sister and I figured out together. These shoes Kelli and I made for Avi Grace. Since then I have made several more pair for baby gifts!

#4 Baby gift sets - At our church there was a spell where everyone was having babies! Here is one set I made as a gift (Bib, burp cloth, and shoes). The tutorial for the shoes is here, the bib and burp cloth here. (That site is Homemade by Jill...one of my favorite blog's to read)

#5 "Beach" bag - As seen in an earlier post, the girls in my family went to the beach last May. I made my mom a "beach" bag. The reason I put it in quotes is because it really wasn't heavy duty to where it would stand up on it's own like most beach bags, but she liked it! It is a fully reversible bag.

#6 First little girl outfit - I made this little outfit for Avi Grace because I wanted to see if I could! I used bias binding for the first time, and made little bloomers to go with it. I was pretty proud of this outfit.

#7 Pillowcase dress of sorts - I made this little dress for Avi Grace as a birthday gift. I think it's pretty cute, the only thing I'd do differently is to make the bow slightly smaller so it would be more proportional to her small frame. I found the tutorial for this dress here.

So there is a list of my "so far" projects. It has been fun making each of these items...I've learned a LOT and I have gotten really really good at using the seam ripper! :)

Here is one picture from AG's birthday last weekend.

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