Monday, July 27, 2009


So Joel and I have been quite busy since we moved. We took a week to get all the boxes unpacked and get settled in. After that we headed to Destin to visit with my family for a week. The day we got back from Destin, Michael came to visit. We got back on Friday and Michael met us here in time to go out for my birthday dinner. We ate at Outback, and Michael made sure to have the people at the restaurant sing to me for my birthday.

On Saturday afternoon we headed to Atlanta to see DCI. I have watched DCI on television for several years, but this year was my first time to get to see it live.

Here are just a couple of pictures from 3 (out of 18) corps that performed.

The Cadets about to start their show.

Phantom Regiment getting ready to start.

This show was in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. This is a view of the JumboTron that allowed us to see the forms on the field more clearly because we were sitting on row 5.

The Cavaliers about to start their show.

Cavaliers during their show.

The Cavaliers show this year was about crossing the "Great Divide." You can see the guard dressed as hikers and climbers. At one point in the show the horn line actually acted as a mountain and one of the guard "climbed" up. It was a really neat show.

It was a lot of fun to get to see DCI in person. Overall the weekend was a great success. We had a great time visiting with Michael and getting to see Graham in Atlanta.

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