Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, sorry for the hiatus in blogging around here. Classes have started slowing down (finally), but only for a short time because exams start next week! I have a few more projects to finish up and then exams and I'll be done! Done as in graduating the next week, done. :)

I have several projects in progress right now, but I can't show you the work until after Christmas seeing as how several of them are gifts!

I mostly wanted to post today about this new site I have I love it. They have really good recipes on there (meaning the recipes are some I'd actually like to eat!). You should go take a look and see what you can cook up this Thanksgiving holiday. This weekend I made Apple Pie. It was SO good. Joel's exact words were, "Now, this is how apple pie is supposed to taste!" I made the crust and lattice top (recipe included on the site). It was the first time I'd ever attempted to make my own good and really it was easy. You really should try'll make you proud when the finished product turns out so yummy!

(Picture from, but mine looked pretty close :))

We are excited to get the Thanksgiving season started this week. Joel and I both love holiday's because it guarentees time to spend with our families. We will be having two separate Thanksgiving meals, one for each side of the family. Can't wait for that yummy turkey and dressing! What are your Thanksgiving plans? Any ideas to help your family realize all there is to be thankful for this season?

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Sara said...

Hi Abbi,
Thanks so much for your nice comment, I'm glad your pie turned out so well! We'd love to "see" you again, so say hi next time you're around our site. Happy Thanksgiving!