Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, this week at work has been absolutely crazy. Our department has been stretched to all corners of the state and we have been trying to keep up. Everything went well and relatively smoothly this week though! But, I am definitely glad it's Friday...time for a little break.

This weekend I plan to relax and also do a little more Christmas shopping. As of today I am about halfway finished with the Christmas list (several packages are already wrapped and just waiting for a tree to rest under!) On Saturday I'm going to run some errands (mostly Christmas related) and do a little shopping in town. Then on Saturday afternoon I plan to meet up with a friend to try and make a holiday craft...hopefully I'll be posting it here once it's finished!

I also have a few more projects that I have completed that I need to take pictures of to post, and I have done some more quilting on the quilt. I promise to take a couple of pictures and post those as well.

Hope you have a great weekend! (Remember only 41 days till Christmas!)

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