Monday, October 13, 2008


Ok, so I am officially finished with my comprehensive exams! I am now playing the waiting game to see if I passed....will hopefully know in 2 to 3 weeks. But I am just glad to be past the studying phase...I have my Saturday's back once again :) So nice!

Now that I do not have to study for those exams now....I'm back to work on projects! Last night I taught my fried Lara how to make some of those adorable little baby shoes. They are SO cute...they are made from corduroy so they'll be perfect to keep her little nephews toes warm during the winter! We got on such a roll last night we even made a cute little taggie blanket. I'm jealous that Lara can now mark off one name from her Christmas list...I better get started!

Here's a peek at Lara's projects: She's a natural already :)


Landon's Lulu said...

I am so excited about Landon's cute new shoes and his blanky! Thanks for teaching me how to do those! I have found SO many more projects this weekend and I got a ton of cute fabric in Tupelo today! I started my blog just now and it's completely blank so you may have to give me a little tutorial one day this week!

Kelli said...

these are so adorable! great job lara!