Monday, August 25, 2008


It's been an exciting weekend in that I got to work on my quilt top....and I got it completely FINISHED! I am very proud of the quilt second quilt and by far the largest I've ever made. Here are a few pictures: The first one is just of the blocks laid out on the floor (before it was put together).

These two pictures show it after it's put together. Our bed is a full size bed and it's made to fit a twin...but it gives a good idea of how it will look. Most Double Irish Chain's are made on the diagonal. I saw a picture of a DIC in this book. I thought it looked very unique so I wanted to try to make it like that one. Joel had to help a lot with this aspect of it...he did all the figuring to make it work out! Thanks Joel!

So instead of the chain being on the diagonal it is in a straight line pattern. I'm pleased with the look of it.

Now I'll put it aside till November or December...until it gets cooler outside (and school work calms down). I can't wait to start quilting on it, but for now it feels good to have this part of the quilt completed.


Kelli said...

It looks GREAT! You did a wonderful job! Can't wait to see how it looks after you have quilted it!

Amy Adkerson said...

Abbi - I had no idea you were a quilter. It looks wonderful. I am SO impressed!!