Friday, August 22, 2008

A lot of work...

So this week I have gotten to work a lot on my quilt top. I have really gotten down to business. On Sunday I put out the blocks I had made for the top to look at it. I was almost halfway there. On Monday night I started making more strip-sets for the blocks and was able to get several done. Then on Tuesday night I made all but 11 of the checkerboard blocks. That means I made around 16 blocks in one night...that's a lot compared to what I had been making! Then on Wednesday night I made some strip-sets for the other block pattern and ironed them all down. Last night I got to work on it again, and I made the last 27 blocks! Then I finished up the 11 checkerboard blocks I had that means....ALL MY BLOCKS ARE MADE!!!!!!!

I really did not expect to finish it this quickly. I just got in high gear this week somehow and knocked those blocks out. I hope to lay it out this weekend and start to put the top together. If I get this stage done I promise I'll post pictures. I'm so excited. My goal was to have the top completely together by December so I could start quilting it (always more fun to quilt in cold weather). I definitely think I'll make my goal time!

Now I just have to wait for the day to I can get home and work on my quilt top!

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Kelli said...

Happy quilting! You are a mad woman working on those blocks!