Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ok, so this week has been a little crazy already and it's only Tuesday! An update on the weekend...my quilting class was a lot of fun. I was the youngest in the class...that's pretty normal in the quilting realm. It's going to sound stupid I know, but I learned how to tie a knot on the end of my thread...it's a really easy technique for me now! It's important to have a good knot. I also learned how to easily hide my knot in the quilt and end it without any trouble. I'm super excited about learning those techniques. We also worked with stencils on a practice block. It was my first time to work with stencils...and I love them! So, my quilting class was great. Joel had a good weekend too, and we both enjoyed watching the Olympics the rest of the weekend.

Speaking of the Olympics, it is very entertaining to watch all of these athletes compete. I love to watch gymnastics and swimming...go Phelps...and last night I caught synchronized diving. That is amazing. I don't know how they do it!

Did you know that we have a Little Caesar's now? We are going to get a Hot'n'Ready pizza tonight and some crazy bread! Yummo. Actually I've never had Little Caesar's...but it's pizza, and I love pizza. So hopefully Little Caesar's will live up to my expectations!

So classes start next week...which means tons of students are back on campus. I can already tell a difference in the traffic...ugh. Hopefully it won't take an entire month this semester for the student's to learn their way around campus!

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